producer of renewable energy

ERDA – Énergies Renouvelables Des Ardennes – creates green energy from local wood. It produces electricity, pellets and compressed logs from forestry and sawmill residues. ERDA strives to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible.

The Fruytier expertise

ERDA is a subsidiary of Fruytier, a family-owned company since 1946, which is one of the top 20 European softwood sawyers. From the sourcing of raw material from nearby forests to the delivery of finished products, Fruytier has full control over the wood industry. It is actively involved in the renewal of the local forest.

ERDA, a committed player in

a new environmental economy

The factory produces pellets and compressed logs and has its own cogeneration plant.

The pellets and logs are made exclusively of sawdust from local sawmills.

Green Energy

By burning its wood residues, the ERDA factory’s cogeneration plant produces heat that dries the sawdust to make pellets.

This operation also produces green electricity that powers the entire neighbouring town of over 10,000 inhabitants. The entire ERDA process is self-sufficient in consuming its own green energy.

Ampoule électricité
Pellets en bois résineux

Softwood pellets

ERDA is the European leader in pellet production with an annual production of 200,000 tons of pellets and supplies major players in pellet distribution.

Bûchettes rondes compressées

Compressed wood logs

ERDA compressed logs are made from 100% local softwood. ERDA’s Comfobric wood logs are an innovative alternative for wood and are becoming increasingly popular in a growing market.

The quality of local wood

Well anchored in its environment and its green landscape, ERDA operates in a short circuit.

The resinous residues it processes come from nearby forests.

This guarantees a perfect homogeneity of the products and avoids any stock shortage. 

Local forests as a source of supply

Located in the heart of Europe, ERDA’s supply sites ensure a continuous flow of raw materials.

A perfectly controlled process

The wood supplied by Fruytier from the softwood forests is used in its entirety by ERDA. The operation of the plant is based on the principle of autonomy. It recycles forestry and sawmill residues into electricity and drying wood pellets. The production line and the cogeneration line are co-dependent and operate in continuous flow.