ERDA wood logs

ERDA – Énergies Renouvelables Des Ardennes – produces Comfobric compressed logs. They are of premium quality, have a very high calorific value and are made of wood from local forests.

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The advantages of ERDA wood logs

ERDA logs have a compact design designed to reduce storage space. Made of local softwood residues, they are of premium quality and 100% ecological. Their high calorific value is constant.



The wood logs produce very little ash. Made from local wood, they are 100% natural and contain no glue or additives.



The moisture content of ERDA logs is very low and lower than that of traditional logs.


Reduced storage

Comfobric logs have a practical rectangular design with a constant length and diameter that allows them to be stored easily without wasting space.

Natural wood logs

The logs are made exclusively of natural wood. They do not contain any additives.

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Very high calorific value

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Characteristics of Comfobric wood logs

Consistent composition and quality

With a moisture content of less than 8.9%, Comfobric logs are very dry. The high quality of the logs means that they have a very high calorific value.

Raw materials
100% softwood
≤ 11,50 %
Ash content
< 1 %
Calorific value
< 4,8kWh/kg
75 x 75 mm
+- 300 mm

Packaging of Comfobric wood logs

Practical packaging

The wood logs are packaged in packs of 6 wood logs wrapped in recyclable plastic. The packs are stored on a disposable pallet, wrapped in recyclable plastic.

Weight per pack
10 kg
Weight per pallet
1120 kg
Number of packs per pallet
112 pack
Pallet type
Pallet size
1000 x 1200
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Camion logistique ERDA

International logistics

Delivery to the point of sale

ERDA offers delivery solutions to best suit your needs:

  • Delivery of the wood logs to the point of sale or collection of the logs by yourself.
  • Possibility to combine pallets of logs and pellets in the same delivery.
  • Only by full truckload.

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